STARS API Endpoints


A detailed list of all the STARS API RESTful endpoints, along with example input and output. There are three major interfaces: Credits, Submissions, and Institutions. All endpoints start with a prefix of the following format:


For example, accessing the Credits interface for Version 0.1 of the API would look like this:


Currently the STARS API supports several output formats:

  • json
  • jsonp
  • yaml
  • xml
  • html

To select a particular format use the format get parameter:


All examples use json.

API Key Authentication

Once you have obtained an API key from AASHE (by emailing, you can either specify an Authorization header or pass the username/api_key combination as GET/POST parameters. Examples:

# As a header
# Format is ``Authorization: ApiKey <username>:<api_key>
Authorization: ApiKey my_user_name:204db7bcfafb2deb7506b89eb3b9b715b09905c8

# As GET params

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